Dress for Success Open House: Interview with Serena Cripps, Founder of FAITH Wellness Society

By Sophie Collins  /  

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Serena Cripps, Founder of FAITH Wellness Society

Perhaps the most important part of our upcoming event is the fact that attendees will be able to meet Serena Cripps, who was referred to Dress for Success Vancouver as a client in 2013 and has gone on to found FAITH Wellness Society. Read on for her inspiration Q&A.

What has been the best part of being apart of Dress for Success?

The supportive sisterhood that evolves from the non-judgmental acceptance…they become family.

Who is the woman you admire the most?

I admire Lucia….she is the PWG momma…really cares about the women going through the program when Lucia sees a need she tries to meet that need.  I admire all the women at DFS it was through them that I learned what love looked and felt like most of all how to receive love.

What are you most grateful for? 

I am most grateful for leaning in to the process of awakening to my true essence.  I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the support of my mentor and the other women of the group.  Seeing the confidence in the room build with each story shared gave me the courage to lean in.

What is the best way to empower women? 

I think the best way to empower women is to listen deeply, pay attention to where they are at and to reflect her strengths

Tell us more about F.A.I.T.H Wellness.

Prior to joining Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group (PWG), I started a support group at the transition residence and I did that out of a need for support, not only for myself but for other women in the same conditions.  With every workshop I attended at PWG- I took back what I learned and shared it with them.  Our mission is to reach a community of people living in poverty and help those who are struggling with their resilience to fight the economic challenges we face today.  We facilitate conversations on recovery, life skills and networking resources that will help them thrive.

Since graduating from the Professional Women’s Group I was awarded a Neighbourhood Small Grant which funded our recovery program in the community.  With the success we had last summer we have applied for the grant for this year in hopes of reaching more individuals.  We are currently working on the requirements to become a non-profit organization such as our constitution and by-laws.  We are running two support groups and a transition program at the Yukon and Sakura So.  Participants have gone on to graduate from school and are in full time employment as well as attending the DFS Professional Women’s Group.