Just Leap: Interview with Tori Holmes, Founder of Nectar Juicery

By Sophie Collins  /  

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Tori Holmes, Founder of Nectar Juicery

If you haven’t already purchased your ticket for Just Leap, you better hurry because this Speaker Series is going to go fast. With three incredible entrepreneurs speaking about their experiences, you are sure to learn lots and network with some insightful women.

We thought we’d sit down with the three ladies at the helm to go through some of their entrepreneurial experiences, to give you a bit of taste of what is to come. First up, Tori of Nectar Juicery.

How do you stay healthy and run a business at the same time?

I believe in ritual. I work out five days a week at 7am and start my day with intentional nourishment. Making time for self-care in the morning is important for my psyche and I fiercely protect it.

I am able to keep up with the demands of my business because I have built a strong foundation of health based on a set of holistic practices that I incorporate into my daily routine. By continually investing in the strength of my future self, I have created resilience in my body that allows me to adapt to whatever life offers. I believe that nutrition is key to a strong foundation for the day and these five points form the base of my nourishment philosophy.

  • Eat something raw. Eat alive and you will feel alive. Have at least one raw food per day. It can be as simple as a piece of fresh fruit or a sprinkle of nuts and seeds on your soup. Enzymes are key!
  • Eat something green. Nature’s colour code is easy to translate. Green means alkalizing. Chronic Inflammation is rampant in today’s society and is often caused by an excess of cortisol, our stress hormone. This issue is something that all entrepreneurs are surely facing. An alkaline environment in the body prevents disease and illness fuelled by stress, acidity, and inflammation. Every time I consume something green, whether it be a salad, juice, or smoothie, I am promoting balance in my body and investing in my future self.
  • Eat something fermented or take a probiotic. Proper digestion is the foundation of great health and glowing skin. It’s all about good bacteria. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles are easy to make, delicious, and can be added anything you are eating for added digestive support.
  • Eat good fats.  Healthy fats are fuel for the brain and body. I use ghee and coconut oil for cooking and in my lattes and smoothie bowls. I love my daily avocado and serving of soaked nuts and seeds.
  • Drink an adaptogen.  Adaptogens are herbs that regulate bodily processes, provide resistance to disease and infection, and decrease levels of stress and anxiety without negative side effects. My favourites are pine pollen (hormone balance), triphala (digestive support), aswhagandha (adrenal support), He Shou Wu (nervous system regulation and longevity and prevents hair from greying). They are safe to mix and can be easily added to tea, coffee, hot water, and blended drinks. I consume these multiple times a day.

What is your #1 tip for starting your own business?

  • Be prepared to hustle.
  • Have a great support system.
  • Protect your vision.

It’s very challenging to choose only one tip for starting a business! Having been through launching a business, I want to pay forward all of the knowledge and experience I have acquired as others have to me.

How do you stay inspired?

Interacting with my customers and watching the people around me discover their health potential.

What is your morning routine?

I start my day with a 4 oz shot of way-back water to hydrate my brain and intestinal barrier while I run to the gym and work out for 1 hour. Invigorating exercise is paramount for setting my mood, intention, and focus for the day. To support my liver, and skin, upon returning from the gym I make a herbal green cocktail of chorella, moringa, marine collagen, and triphala in mineralized Berkey water as a beauty booster. Following this, I shower and am awakened with the steam of the fresh eucalyptus I hang in my shower to open up my lungs. After this, I do a facial lymphatic massage with a agate stone roller, and enjoy an adaptogen latte made of Milano’s coffee with sprouted almond milk, pine pollen, aswhagandha, and He Shou Wu. Currently, my partner’s cousin Patrick is living with us. He is an incredible chef and makes me breakfast every day which is usually asparagus and poached eggs. This is definitely a favourite part of my day! I spend my days nourishing others so it is nice to be taken care of by someone else. As I leave the house I top up the essential oils in my locket to support my immune system and balance mood for my work with the public. My usual blend is rose absolute, geranium, palmarose, and frankincense. My mornings are very routined and I try to protect this time as the rest of the day is often unknown. Following my workout, my breakfast, potions and body care take about an hour and I am ready to role!

Do you have a mentor? How has that shaped your experience in the business world?

I have had many mentors in my life and career. I attribute much of my success to the support I have received and tribe I have created along the way. My first mentor was my father who holds the most sacred space in my life. He has an unwavering belief in me and somehow always knows when I need him.

Career wise I have so many, however, top of the list is Kelly Deck, Raj Teaja, and Jeff Smith who have all played a huge role in helping me grow as a business person and human. My mentors have taught me about problem solving, financial analysis, communication, and have encouraged me to be confident in myself and my decisions. Great mentors help their mentee’s achieve perspective through sharing their knowledge and experience. Some are more tactical than others and it is up to the mentee to be clear regarding their needs ie. be helpable.  All of my mentors have helped me see a bigger picture.