Just Leap: Interview with Keighty Gallagher, Founder of Tight Club

By Sophie Collins  /  

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Keighty Gallagher, Founder of Tight Club

Get it right, get it right, get it tight! Much like a fit body, entrepreneurial success does not come overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and sometimes even waking up at 4:30AM every morning. Yes, you read that right. FOUR thirty. Lucky for us, Keighty has agreed to join us at Just Leap to discuss her experience starting and running Tight Club. Here’s a little Q&A we did to give you a sneak peak.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I give myself 5 minutes to cuddle with my boyfriend at 4:30am I intentionally set my alarm a bit early so we can get a few minutes together before the day sets in. After that second alarm goes off, the shower is on and I’m conjuring up new ways to get my regulars sweaty.

What do you think the trends are for fitness in Vancouver and globally?

I think people are getting really creative and specific in how they market their studios. Ive been seeing a lot of specialization in terms of fitness discipline, like spin only studios, megaformer only studios, trx studios, treadmill studios. I think the Vancouver fitness scene is just starting to see these specialty boutique studios pop up in the past few years. I don’t like to think that “community” is a trend, but I’ve noticed the word “community” come up allot in how they describe Vancouver’s best fitness studios. I think that any studio will thrive, regardless of what they’re teaching as long as you have a strong community  backing the business.

How do you stay energized when you’re constantly moving and sweating with your clients?

Engagement keeps me alive! No matter how tired I am, if I’m working with a client or a class of 20 and I’m the one leading the show my energy somehow always stays high. It’s when I’m not teaching that I feel my lows. Im finally realizing that only so much coffee can keep the energy high, and that water with lemon can be just as effective. In terms of nutrition, after taking The Tight Life challenge I learned and experienced how insane my sugar highs and lows can get, and by pairing a handful of almonds with an apple can keep me going way longer than just having the apple.

Where do you see Tight Club in 10 years?

I see Tight Club tightening things up and really knowing who it is in the next ten years. I do see it expanding to different cities but my business experience is whats preventing me from really seeing how large my wings can span. My mind is constantly thinking about what type of workout combo I can champion, how to package experiences that are unique and real, and how to do it without burning out.