Just Leap: Interview with Erin Treloar, Founder of Raw Beauty Talks

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Erin Treloar, Founder of Raw Beauty Talks

You may have noticed in the past few years, the focus on loving your body, flaws and all. This movement is especially prevalent in Vancouver thanks to Erin Treloar, who founded Raw Beauty Talks. Not only does Erin run this non profit, but she also works for her family business, and is a mom and wife. Read below to see a quick Q&A and make sure to buy your ticket for Just Leap to see Erin speak in person!

As a new mom & entrepreneur, friend, wife…you must be so busy! What are your top 3 tips for keeping your head above water?

Is my head above water? Just kidding ūüėČ

  1. I rarely do anything perfectly‚Ķand I’m really trying to be okay with that. ¬†Perfectionism kills productivity, creativity and our ability to move forward. ¬†I want to accomplish lots so I have to let go of doing any of it perfectly. ¬†It’s not always comfortable to just let go and embrace imperfection but I’ve learned that it gets easier with practice and it actually feels very freeing.
  1. I have a team of amazing people surrounding me. ¬† My husband, an amazing office manager, a marketing assistant, a team of volunteers for RAW, an incredible advisor board, a part-time nanny 12 hours a week and family in town who have been incredibly supportive. ¬†This is by no means a one woman show and I’m incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people I can trust by my side. ¬†It’s so important to delegate and ask for help whenever you can. ¬†It doesn’t make you a failure.
  1. Making space for ‘ME’ time. ¬†This usually comes dead last on a woman’s ‘TO DO’ list but it’s so important. ¬†I need time and space to sit with a big, blank piece of paper and brainstorm/map out ideas that are swirling around in my head. ¬†Some people need to run. Some people need a night out with friends. Some people need a big bowl of ice cream and a good tv show. ¬†Whatever it is that makes you feel alive, energized and connected to your soul is important and you need to make time for it every single week. ¬†Even if it’s just an hour. Schedule it in NOW! If I can do it, so can you.

Who/what inspires you?

My friends first and foremost.  I am so lucky to have the most incredibly creative, talented and smart women in my life.  They’re all badass in their own special way so I learn different things from each of them.

I also love browsing coffee table books at Indigo with a big latte and I find a lot of inspiration on design blogs like Amber Interiors and Emily Henderson and of course Instagram.¬† I‚Äôm just careful to follow pages that INSPIRE me and don‚Äôt give me those awful ‚Äúnot enough‚ÄĚ feelings.¬† Watch out for those pages, they’ll suck the life out of you.

Have you ever felt defeated?

OMG YES! Sometimes daily! Life is full of ups and downs and¬†unfortunately¬†without the low moments the highs just¬†wouldn’t¬†feel as good. So I try to ride the lows with the deeper understanding that at the end of them there will be something great. ¬†I also think of things I’m grateful for in the hard moments to try to shift my focus to the positives. There are always things to be grateful for if you are blessed to be alive.