Giving with Style: Kim Caldwell on Philanthropy & Female Empowerment

By Sophie Collins  /  

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Kim Caldwell

Singer. Designer. Makeup Artist. Mother. When you see her list of accomplishments, it seems that Kimberly Caldwell really can do it all. But the title that has us most excited? Philanthropist.

Kim is one of Dress for Success® Vancouver’s most vocal ambassadors, and since co-hosting IMPACT 360 last year, the non-profit’s annual gala event, Kim has been working tirelessly in support of this amazing organization. With so much on the go, we wanted to know why she takes time out of her busy schedule for philanthropy and why sisterhood and female empowerment has always been important to her:

What is your favourite part about being involved with Dress for Success Vancouver and why do you think it’s important to support this particular cause?
I feel empowered myself when I am able to help other women on their journey. Dress For Success is the ultimate sisterhood and if women join together to lift each other up monumental things can happen. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. DFS provides women with the confidence to take big steps forward towards a happy fulfilled life.

Texas Pageants to Philanthropy…you’ve done it all! How has your time in pageants influenced your everyday personal and professional life?
Pageants get a bad wrap but when I was a little girl I desperately needed a stage to express myself. It was a good place to start and develop a good work ethic and a great lesson in communication with my peers. It taught me how to work hard for what I want in life and it was a positive outlet to be creative. There was a strong feeling of unity between all the girls.

What is the first thing you do every morning? We’d love to know what a day in the life of Kim Caldwell means!
I make a bottle and coffee at the same time and then pop in to get my daughter Harlow out of her crib. Lots of cuddles and kisses. Diaper change and some morning cartoons with my girl and my hubby. Very glamorous! Haha.

What is your #1 tip for someone who wants to get involved with a charity?
Just do it! You have nothing to lose, only gain. It feels so good to give back and a great way to meet like-minded people who care about and have the same beliefs as you do. It’s also a great way to keep things in perspective.

Now that you’re a mom, has your view of giving back and philanthropy evolved? If yes, how so?
My husband and I attended the Starlight Foundation Charity Gala and I met all these moms with severely ill children. I could barely hold it together. When I think I’m having a rough day I will think about these woman and children and the strength and courage they have on a daily basis. It felt so good to support these families and be one of the many people to continue to show them love and encouragement on their journey of healing. And of course, I’m proud to be a Dress For Success ambassador so that my daughter grows up with a great sense of pride about giving back and the importance of empowering women around you. Do good, feel good.

Meet Kim at Giving with Style: A YES! Holiday Soirée on November 30th!