Giving with Style: Krista Guloien on Motivation & What It Means to Be A Champion

By Sophie Collins  /  

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Krista Guloien

There are many inspiring women in the world, and sometimes it takes a few minutes to truly comprehend all that they have achieved and are capable of achieving. Krista Guloien is one of those women. A world-class athlete who won a silver medal for Canada in the 2012 Summer Olympics, Krista made history among Canadian female rowers. Currently residing in Vancouver, her talents range far beyond the boat. She just finished a one-year fashion merchandising program at Blanche Macdonald and has even wrote a book. Impressed yet? We were lucky enough to sit down with her to understand what makes her tick, how fashion can be empowering, and why she’s involved with YES! Vancouver (hint, hint: empowerment).

Author, Olympian, female empowerment. Please tell us your secret — how do you do it all?!
Just like Dory says, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” lol – As most of us can relate, we just keep moving forward no matter how crazy we feel. I also try to focus on things I am passionate. I am driven by what I love.

What is your number one tip to stay motivated?
My number one tip to stay motivated is to align with like minded people, i.e. your tribe – this will help you to stay accountable and will help remind you of the big picture whether it’s work, fitness or family.

How does fashion play a role in your daily life?
Fashion is my creative outlet as well as my confidence boost. I believe the way we present on the outside is directly linked to how we are feeling on the inside. The relationship works both ways. A comfortable, polished outfit can boost the way I feel on the inside. I love to plan ahead outfits and play with clothes. Expressing myself with my wardrobe is a creative experience for me.

What does YES! and Dress for Success mean to you? Why have you been such a big supporter of this cause?
YES! and Dress for Success events were one of the first causes/events that I was introduced to when I retired from a long career in sport and moved from London, Ontario to Vancouver. I wanted to get out and meet people and it was a key addition that it be for a great cause such as empowering women. As many of you have probably experienced, I found that I got what I gave ten fold. The community that this organization and cause has attracted is the most welcoming and genuine I found and I have continued to stay in the loop and have kept coming back. I have come with friends, met new friends and heard inspiring stories every time!

Best part of your day: ______?
The best part of my day would have to be in the little things: my first americano, snuggles with my dog, texting with my boyfriend Dave, having dinner with my parents, a glass of wine with my dad, leading a spin class at Cadence Vancouver…..all that good stuff!

Meet Krista at Giving with Style: A YES! Holiday Soirée on November 30th!