Press Pause: Anita Cheung on Mindfulness and Supporting Women

By Sophie Collins  /  

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With our #YESxMoment meditation event coming up on February 22nd, we thought it would be a great time to sit down with Anita Cheung, Co-Founder and Brand Director for Moment Meditation (our gracious hosts). While the event is SOLD OUT, keep an eye on our next event to be announced soon.

When did you start meditating?
I started my regular meditation practice in January of 2014.

Tell us the story behind Moment Meditation!
MOMENT, as the brand that it is, was a pop up studio based off of a passion project idea I had to create a cool, modern, meditation space. I pulled it off in a week in the fall of 2014 and wiped my hands clean of it- thinking that there wasn’t a living to be had or a business in meditation. Fast forward two years and the two other founders, Evian & Hiroko, reached out to connect as they had a similar idea and passion and we haven’t looked back since.
Why did you decide to get involved in YES?
I love the idea of women supporting women – I’ve been a feminist since my early teens!
What do you say to people who are nervous to start meditating?
You are doing it right. The act of taking some time out for yourself to sit, breathe, and notice is radical in itself so know that you are doing it right- even if it doesn’t feel that way. I also like to tell people that- just like they wouldn’t run a marathon in their first go at jogging, we need to be kind and patient with ourselves when we start our new meditation habits.
When do you meditate? Morning or night?
Morning or mid-day. Whenever I feel like I need a moment.
Meet Anita on February 22nd if you are one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket!