Jennifer Brott On Making Magic in The Kitchen

By Zafira Rajan  /  

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If you’ve ever felt like you needed a cheerleader in your life to help you power through meal prep, discover amazing new recipes and high-five you when you stuck to your commitments, they would probably be a lot like Jennifer Brott. As a nutritionist, champion for nourishment and your next best friend, hanging out with Jennifer means you’ll always leave with a smile on your face and a renewed purpose to treat your body well. Meet her at our next event, Love Your Lunches on March 28, and read on to find out why we’re obsessed with the work she does at My Edible Advice.

What drove you towards a career in nutrition?
Two key things to know about me: I love food and I love taking care of people. Through life and school, I saw how a career in nutrition could bridge my two innate loves together.

What is your favourite part of your job?
Oh my gosh, there are so many favourite parts of my job. Creating recipes in the kitchen for clients is an absolute joy. It is also a privilege to be a small puzzle piece in someone’s health journey and watch them thrive when they implement a protocol I have created just for them.

Do you have any advice for women who have never visited a nutritionist before?
I sure do: know with every part of you that you are unique, and following major food trends won’t serve you in the long run. There is no one perfect diet for everyone.

How do you stay on track with your meals, and do you have any tips to stay motivated to cook/meal prep, instead of ordering in or eating out for lunch?
First of all, know that I do not stand on an ivory tower! I am the first to grab my lunch out on a Friday after a long week. I work in Gastown after all – the mecca of all things delicious! I would say, that a calendar helps to keep you on track. Whether you use your phone or a good ol’ paper diary, mapping out what you hope your meals will look like for the week is hella helpful.

What recipe could you not live without?
Raw chocolate brownies.

What are you most looking forward to sharing with our attendees at #YESxMEA?
I am on a mission to remind people to enjoy and celebrate food, so I am most looking forward to raising a glass and sharing in some laughs.

Learn how to whip up amazing work lunches with a private cooking demonstration with Jennifer at her beautiful space in Gastown on March 28. Tickets for Love Your Lunches are almost sold out – grab yours soon!