Game Changers: Interview with Anna Farrant, Co-Founder of All-City Athletics

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Anna Farrant, Co-Founder, All-City Athletics

Work hard, stay humble. If anyone fits that motto, its Anna Farrant! When she’s not running All City Athletics or training in the boxing ring, you can be sure to find her actively giving back to her community – our kind of girl! Ahead of hearing from her at our speaker series Game Changers: Women Using Their Careers to Inspire Social Change, we chatted with Anna to get the low down on how she started a spark in her community that keeps on blazing a positive trail ahead.

What drove you to get involved in Eastside Boxing Club

I was approached by the original members in 2012 when they were looking for a place to train the first year of Aprons for Gloves. My work at the time donated a meat locker that we converted into a boxing gym, and I offered to volunteer train as I had some boxing experience. Thankfully for everyone, they decided to keep me! 

Now co-owning All City Athletics, what inspired you to open your own business with your partner Jordan Bowers?

We volunteered together for a number of years and we just realized that if we loved something so much to do it for free, then maybe there was something to that. We worked really well together running sessions (think good cop/bad cop), and so the decision to do it full time came pretty naturally.

You must be one busy woman! What keeps you motivated day-to-day? 

Too busy for my own good sometimes! Making things happen and seeing things actualize is very motivating to me. Once I realized that I had control over what I create in my life it made me very excited about the limitless possibilities. Being able to marry my volunteer passions and my career makes me feel like what I do has meaning to me… This helps when things get crazy!

You’ve done so much for your local community, working with at-risk youth at the Eastside Boxing Club, and the residents of the DTES at Insite. What drives your philanthropic mindset? Why is it important for you to give back?

I guess it just feels obvious. Like as a human being on this planet, its my responsibly to try to not just take from the world. I also learned at a young age when I was battling some of my own demons that human nature is fundamentally selfish, which can cause suffering in a lot of different ways. In order to combat this, I try to be generous with my time and resources. Working towards this philosophy has brought me great abundance in many areas of my life.

Do you have any tips for women out there who also want to inspire and create change within their communities?

Totally. There are SO many amazing organizations that need your support and help. Everyone has a skill they can bring to the table. What I love most about Eastside Boxing and the community that supports it is that we all do our part. Each role is important! I spent many years volunteering at different places and then I found something that I feel like fits me authentically.

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