Game Changers: Interview with Katie Schaeffers, Brand & Comms Lead, SheEO

By Zafira Rajan  /  

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Katie Schaeffers

From politics to agencies, Katie Schaeffers has done it all – and now, she’s found her happy place at SheEO. By working to remodel financial structures and the way women work, Katie leads the way for SheEO’s communications efforts to dramatic heights… Every. Damn. Day. Before you meet her at Game Changers: Women Using Their Careers To Inspire Social Change, here’s a peek into why her work is revolutionizing the landscape for women and finance.

How did you get involved in SheEO?

I had been working in some combination of politics, communications strategy, and event production for the last 10 years, loving agency life, working with great clients. Then November 8, 2016 happened and I knew I needed to do something about it. SheEO is the perfect marriage for me of a practical yet revolutionary financial model paired with a radical transformation of how we operate in the world as women. Every day I get to view this transformation through a communications lens, analyzing the best way to both lead and respond to the dynamic landscape we’re living in. It’s a constant journey. There is so much work to be done in this space and I feel really proud I get to do it with our small but mighty team.

SheEO is focused on empowering female entrepreneurs through support from women, do you have a mentor you’ve turned to? 

I’ve had many mentors, guides, and supporters in my life. But I’ve got particular love for my harshest critics and people who help me set boundaries, learn the tough lessons, and show up differently. These days I find myself tapping into the deep wisdom of women who came before me. There is a revolution happening right now – we’re tapping into spiritual guidance, listening to the universe, leading with the heart vs. the head. Someone recently shared with me a Sioux proverb – “The longest journey you will ever take is the one from your head to your heart.” It is absolutely a journey. Fine-tuning your inner voice, finding out what your passion and purpose is, and ensuring that the people around you are supporting you in the ways you need – it’s a process and it’s really hard sometimes. Don’t give up.

With the world of communications constantly changing, what resources do you reach to for inspiration on storytelling?

Authenticity. Show, don’t tell. Let your subjects do the talking. Discover the hidden gems. Look in the opposite direction from where most people are looking.

How can the women in our community help in disrupting the current system?

We don’t just need to disrupt the system, we need to revolutionize it. We live in a time of huge abundance but we operate from a place of scarcity. There is enough. You are enough. When you have more than you need, don’t build a higher fence to keep others out, build a longer table and invite them in.

Look around you – what can you change about your own life? How can you resist in small ways? Educate others around you in small ways?  What do you feel like you have been stifling? What are you ignoring? Are there elements of your life you wish you could spend time developing? Go there. Spend time there.

Examine the language you use. Language is powerful. What words do you use  in business and social situations? How can you change your language to make it more inclusive, authentic, human.

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