Hannah Bernard on Keeping It Real on Social Media

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When she’s not kicking butt behind the scenes as the Co-Founder and Video Lead at her digital storytelling agency Roots + Ardor, you can find Hannah Bernard keeping it real in front of the camera as the in-game TV host for the Vancouver Canucks and the field reporter for Crankworx. Read on to find out how this #girlboss has mastered the art of authenticity – and how you can, too.

When did you realize that you wanted to create visual stories?

I think I’ve always known! I just told stories in different ways throughout my life. When I was younger it was through drama and dance, when I started my career it was in front of the camera, and as I grew more as a person, I realized that my true passion was to tell stories from behind the camera. I think I fell into this form of storytelling because it is where I have the most control, to tell the whole story and be true to the authenticity of it.

You’re the co-founder and video lead at Roots + Ardor – what’s the highlight of your work day?

I love our morning mingles… They are a chance for our team to come together and share their highlight of the week, or catch up on what’s happening with our clients. It’s social and fun and always involves a lot of laughs.

How have you built your personal and business brand on social media?

I think authenticity has been huge for both my personal brand and our business brand on social media. Sometimes I feel like authenticity is hard to find on social feeds today, but for me, that’s what has been successful on both Roots + Ardor’s and my personal feed. I believe that at the root of it, people like to see a real person, and what you see is truly what you get with mine… I like to “keep it real” (lol).

Why is a personal brand more important now than ever before? How can it help your career?

Because your personal brand is your portfolio, it speaks volume about who you are and what you value – whether you like it or not. What you put on your feed says something about you and you have to care about that in today’s professional landscape. I think it can help your career because you’ll attract the right kind of interest if you are open about what you value and who you are. It’ll filter out opportunities that might not be right for you, and facilitate exciting avenues that will truly feed your success.

Tell us one thing your followers still don’t know about you! 

I hate shopping!

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