YESxMentors: Interview with Carine Redmond, Owner of Carine Redmond & Associates

By Zafira Rajan & Corina Santema  /  

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Based in Vancouver, Carine Redmond handles the Western Canada PR for national and global lifestyle brands, as the Owner of Carine Redmond and Associates. Carine grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and attended McGill University. Upon graduating, Carine turned her energy towards all things media and has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment and PR.

When not at work, Carine enjoys watching reruns of Friday Night Lights, catching up on all things Kardashian, worshipping Oprah Winfrey and following @instagrambeagles. Her other hobbies include hitting up a barre class, drinking wine and photographing her beagle pup Tim Riggins (he’s pretty famous).

How do you find creativity, to add a fresh punch to every campaign?

Clients usually have something specific they want to promote (a seasonal product, rebrand, or specific event for example) which always helps but otherwise, good old brainstorm sessions work well. I like to meet with my client and/or team and figure out what people want, how we can promote something, do things a little bit differently. Any creative thinking has to happen away from my desk.

What client/campaign excites you the most?

This is going to sound extra PR girl but I really do like everyone that I work with. If a potential client or brand doesn’t appeal to me on a perusal level i don’t take them on – it makes it too hard to secure press or have a sustainable relationship. I don’t think you can promote something you don’t believe in (sorry guys).

What’s your top Personal branding tip?

Be yourself, but be the best version of yourself. Remember that we all live online, and potential employers are going to look at your online presence. Trust me.

What do you do to disconnect and unwind?

Lots of walks (with my pup), time outside, I love having friends over for dinner, and I spend a lot of time listening to True Crime podcasts.

If not PR, what would your be your dream job?

I would probably work in media. As a kid and before I knew what PR really was I wanted to work for a magazine.