YESxMentors: Interview with Sonia Chhinji, Co-Founder of WOODLOT

By Corina Santema  /  

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Sonia Chhinji is the co-founder of WOODLOT – yes, those candles you smell burning almost everywhere in the city! From taking risks to horoscopes and exciting changes up ahead, we sat down with Sonia to chat all things dreamy.

As the co-founder of WOODLOT, natural products for home and body, your brand beautifully intertwines design and sustainable living. What inspired you to start it, alongside your partner?

When we first began exploring the idea of building a brand together, we decided to infuse elements from our family cultures and from our life together in Canada. We also saw a market for cleaner products for home and body that were well designed and accessible.

The products that WOODLOT sells are dreamy, to say the least. What’s in your must-have toolkit for life?

This is a great question. I find that my toolkit for life feels full when I’m nourishing my mind, body and connections with friends and family. I love the tactility of notebooks and pens, and have a complete obsession with Moleskine and Muji. I always have a Woodlot mist on me, they are great for face, body or environment. I walk and bike a lot in Vancouver so a solid pair of Nike runners helps to keep me moving.

I love WOODLOT Horoscopes featured on your blog. Where did this idea come from?

I’m a horoscope junkie and wanted to find a way to tie this into our blog. We’ve experimented with a few different styles and get great feedback and response from active readers.

Jumping into the entrepreneurial life is never an easy one, what was the moment that triggered your leap into that world?

I feel extremely blessed that the founders of my previous employment approached me to see if I would be interested in taking on Woodlot full-time. I do credit this in giving me the jolt to jump into entrepreneurial life. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

What’s next for both you and WOODLOT?

Woodlot is expanding, we recently hired a Customer Experience Coordinator and are in the final stages of developing our skincare line. I’m excited to see how my role as Co-Founder evolves as I take items off my plate.

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